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My story is a plain luck story fishing with my father.  My father and I were fishing for walleye, when he caught a nice walleye and was in the process of putting it on a stringer. (back when we you could take one home for dinner) and threw  his line back into the water. His line and rod just flew off the boat. Lost another rod and reel. He retrieved his spare rod and started fishing. He was reeling in when he snagged a fishing line. He started to bring in the line and to his surprise up came his lost rod and reel. Reeling in the line, would you believe it, a 6-8 lbs pike was still on the hook. I can tell you that pike also made it to the dinner table.



 I came across a story that I thought was interesting. A fellow had got fishing for the last time in the fall, with a live bait well, full of live minnows (USA) and after the trip throw out any minnows he didn't use. He winterized his boat and it was parked in his yard until the start of fishing season the next spring. As he was getting his boat in shape for the first trip of the season, he just happened to look into the bait well, and he couldn't beleive, a minnow was just swimming around in 6 inches of water. The minnow has survived the entire winter, where many times it was below zero. The fellow went on to say, he didn't know what to do with his 6 month surviving minnow and felt guilty, but in the end he filled up his well again with new minnows, and its not know to this day where that minnow is today



 My story is just humor at its best. I was wearing my hip waders and pulling my boat into the dock, when I gripped the rope as it slowly drifted in. I got close to the dock and then proceeded to jump onto it from the front of the boat, but I just happened to hook my feet on the railing, and missed the dock straight into the water. Well it was deep, over my head, my hip waders filled full of water, the only thing was keeping me up above the surface was the rope tied to the front of the boat. I slowly tryed to go towards shore where I could put my feet on the ground, it was a battle.  After a few minutes of dog padding, waders full of water and towing the boat, I hit land.....  It was real funny until I walked out, and realized I had my cell phone buckled to my belt under the hip waders and my wallet. The wallet survived, but the cell phone was gonzy!!!!   Don't try this at home!!!!






I was out the other day fishing for rainbows, when I got a strike and starting reeling in what was a small kokonee. All of a sudden I saw a big splash, and I though it was a big fish feeding on my helpless kokonee. As I got it closer to the boat it turned out a loon who refused to let go. At first I thought I had hooked the loon, but it turned out the bird just wasn't going to let go.

Finally it let go, and I took the damaged kokonee off my hook and  gave it to the loon for  its endless pursuit  of a meal.





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