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Happy Holidays

Posted by fishingalberta on November 20, 2010 at 3:34 PM

The start of the holidays is here, the time has arrived to start thinking about ice fishing, where to go this winter and what present under the tree should be of fishing nature.  Where has the summer/fall gone.  I truly hope all the Fishing Alberta.Net members had a great season of fishing this 2010 year.

We are all busy in the summer but when winter comes when we are forced to spend a bit more times indoors, there is no better time to go through your fishing photo's of the summer and submit your album to the website. We all be very interested in seeing what you did over the summer.  Also if your reading this blog, you are welcome to write and submit your own blog, on really any topic you want, we like to hear from you.

We are also trying to raise some cash for another installment of a spring contest where we can give away some stuff to our members. I know your asking , how can I help?  You can help and support the website by downloading a free app (on the homepage-bottom) that helps you find the best price any any item. Comparison shopping application tool. Its works great on your local area and is safe for your computer. By downloading it and using it , we generate pay per click advertising, and then use that income for prizes. Simply a great way to fundraise.

Have a Happy Holiday this year, and Good Fishing to You 

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