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Hot Fishin @ Lesser Slave

Posted by canuckatplay on June 25, 2010 at 8:55 AM

We spent the week of June 13, 2010 fishing Lesser Slave near Joussard & I'm happy to report that we enjoyed some excellant fishing. The walleye were 'starving' & we averaged 8-10 per hour for most of the week. Even in the 'slow' times we averaged about 5 per hour with 2 of us fishing. Most were small but I did manage to catch a 4-1/2 lb walleye. We are headed back on Sunday for another week so shall update you all then.

Summer Here!

Posted by fishingalberta on June 29, 2009 at 10:10 PM

Welcome to the first edition of the Fishing Alberta Blog.  I thought it was about time we added this application to the mix. My thinking is, I could use this forum to update and inform how to interact with the websiteand fellow members. My other thought was to add an addiitional way for our members both on the website and the forum to express themselves. Any member from either location can write their very own blog and I will post it. I think everyone would like submit some wisdom. The best thing you don't have to write every week.  Send it to on a word document. I will copy and paste it. Include your name, photo if you want.



It can be anything from fishing tips, fishing trips, description of your business and services you offer (fishing and camping related). Look forward to some interesting blogs.


As you may of noticed I changed the color scheme of the website, i think its looks much better, a bit dark before. Sone of the features you may not be aware of are: 


Website members can upload pictures, video's and put events on the calendar right from your own computer. Don't worry i have lots of space for your 200 pictures. You can also interact with fellow members by sending them messages, commenting on their member photo's etc..


The kids section is a great place for the younger ones to explore the world of fiishing, lots of stuff for them to do, you might even like to try some of the quizzes yourself.


I going to add another application to the website, a e- store  featuring mostly fishing books and some electronic fishing gear like GPS and fishfinders etc. Look for it in a couple of days on the nav bar, should be some great books to read.


You may of noticed advertising banners on the website. We place them hoping you as the member or guest will click on them and shop there on their own secure sites. The reason we do this is to fund the website by commision we earn. We use this money to buy our fishin gear for our contests every summer.  We do this website for the love of fishing but its sure nice to give free stuff away every summer. Be sure to check the list to see if you won.




We right in the heart of fishing season and I'm sure most of you are out trying your luck at the various lakes. We still need some of that hot weather to get those wakeboards out. Looking forward to it, can't beleive Canada Day is here already.  Cheers ! Good fishing to ya!