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Ice Fishing 2011

Posted by fishingalberta on February 12, 2011 at 4:28 PM

I have to admit, I haven't been out ice fishing yet, but I did have the chance to do some fishing in Cabo St. Lucas over the Christmas break.  As I understand from many fisherman the ice in most places is not ideal. The cold, then warm and cold again effect has put a water layer in -between. The stories of some good ice fishing has not happened so far. Maybe late Febuary will be better.  I did however post some new ice fishing video of some fellow fisherman catching some Lake Trout, great video. Check it out.

My adventures in Cabo was really good. The anticipation of catching a large Marlin kind of made me excited.  There are hard to spot and even harder to catch. The Captain of our charter was excellent, really knew where to look. We spotted 4-5 during the course of the day, and then proceeded to chase them down and stick a nice juicy mackeral in front of their face. It's all about timing as they don't surface for too long.  After the 4th attempt of getting them to bite on our bait, one finally hit it hard and the hook was set.  My fellow fishingalberta member fought hard on the line for 15 mintues trying to get any edge on the fish , but it was slow going. The Marlin often made a run for it, and you were at it's mercy. 

It did make a run for in the direction of the boat, and the line did get some slack in it, and to our disappointment the Marlin unhooked and that was that. Very exciting but very disappointing at the same time. The day of fishing , MARLIN not included was excellent, the boat crew made sure we got lots of action on dorado's, and tunas. We really enjoyed ourselves. i was feeling rather good until we came back to the hotel where a fellow guest, a girl and her Dad showed us their picture of a newly caught Marlin that day, and she was so proud, couldn't take the smile off her face. It was a little remainder of our short coming landing the big fish earlier, but seeing her so happy with the picture and showing well everyone at the pool was priceless, it's what fishing is all about. if you ever go to Cabo, I recommend the Mucho Loco charter, located on th Marina.



Great Guys, and the Captain really knew where the fish were.

You can Visit their website at :


Well I going to follow marlin fishing up with ssome good old fashioned Alberta ice fishing, very soon!




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